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AVU 113 Academic Writing

The present course is designed to develop academic writing skills of the M.A. students enrolled in the Programme of European and International Affairs. The components of a writing process such as organization of the target text, coherence, cohesion, summarizing, outlining, quoting, paraphrasing, synthesizing along with the gateways to academic writing will be our foci throughout the semester. The use of spelling and punctuation conventions will be practiced, too. In other words, the ultimate aim of the sessions in this course is to equip you with the writing skills necessary to meet a range of anticipated writing tasks that they you will encounter during your academic career.

As the authors of The Handbook of Academic Writing have suggested (2006,) in collaboration with each other, we will try to unravel and apprehend inherent complexities and cadences associated with the academic writing tasks. It is also the objective of the course to systematically develop post-graduate candidates’ academic vocabulary knowledge and skills, to develop their awareness of the need and benefit of producing multiple drafts with the aim of improving the structure, lexis and style of their own text, and bringing your work to an acceptable level in the global academic discourse community.

Beginning with the core characteristics of effective academic writing, we will broaden our scope with more detailed understanding of textual dynamics and aim to construct research papers of your chosen academic field. We will consolidate the fact that paraphrasing is the key to furthering writing skills. Other than focusing on such technical details of writing process (e.g. lexical and grammatical means by which a formal written style is achieved), we will also consolidate the fact that all the component of the present series of lectures knit together into a full-length research paper. Though to achieve the objectives seem burdensome, the attainments of the course will definitely repay your efforts, so enjoy it!

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