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Week 11

on November 27, 2016

Dear Participants of ACWRI Course,

In the subsequent part of the present chapter on writing summaries (w11-ch5-part-2), we are going to unravel the features of reporting verbs (i.e. objective – evaluative) utilised in summary writing and try to find better alternatives to the introductory statements of a summary given in task seven. Our focus is also centred around summary reminder phrases and essential transitory elements along with example sentences. The following sub-section is devoted to the issue of a serious form of academic malpractice, that is, plagiarism. First, we are going to explore the actions which constitute instances of plagiarism and examine texts with its examples. Next, ways to avoid (self) plagiarism are going to be on our agenda, which also includes multiple-choice questions regarding this type of scholarly misconduct. The final part of our session aims to introduce and explain the key elements as well as the steps of an article review in detail.

I wish you all a fulfilling week.

Best regards,

Y. Aksoyalp.

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