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Week 8

on November 5, 2016

Dear All,

In the latter part of Chapter 4 (w8-ch4-part2), we are going to touch upon the distinction between two types of summaries resorted to in theses and other academic manuscripts, that is, an indicative (general) summary and an informative summary. Furthermore, based on the corpus compiled by Ken Hyland, the most frequently utilized verbs referring to nonverbal illustrations (e.g. tables, charts, graphs, etc.) and linking as-clauses are going to be on our agenda. Next, we intend to review the linguistic resources which are needed to moderate our claim(s) and unravel what is meant by being “confidently uncertain” (Skelton, 1988) in academic writing. Finally, we plan to put such types of conventions into practice via a nonverbal sample.

Thank you for your attention.
Best wishes,
Y. Aksoyalp.

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