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Week 6

on October 23, 2016

Dear Attendees of ACWRI Course,

I hope this message finds all of you very well. 

In the remainder of our present chapter entitled Problem, Process and Solution, we are going to review the functions of passive construction in describing a process and methodology. The following sub-sections are concerned with the changing place of emphasis in accordance with the use of active-passive voice and by+process statements in English academic prose. In light of these linguistic conventions, we are going to unravel the way to expand the scope of given sentence and make them more informative. The conclusion part of this chapter incorporates a more detailed exploration regarding the flow of arguments via linking words, time adverbials and the -ed participle as well as cause-and-effect statements along with the forms that they can take in academic writing. Furthermore, –ing clauses of result and various functions of indirect questions (e.g. to introduce a problem and/or to indicate a gap in your field of research) are going to be examined in depth.

Let us ensure that you have downloaded and studied the assigned material (w6-ch3-part2) for our lecture tomorrow.

Thank you for your efforts in advance.
I hope to see you all tomorrow and wish you a very pleasant and productive week.
Bet regards,

Y. Aksoyalp.

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