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Week 4

on October 8, 2016

Dear Participants of AVU 113 Academic Writing,

The remainder of the present chapter (w4-ch-2-part-2), which we are going to continue studying on Monday next week (October 10), aims to explore the definitions beyond the sentence level, namely extended, contrastive and comparative definitions. More specifically, the focus of the next session is centred around the features and functions of these definitions in academic writing genre. In the final part of this part, we are going to analyse how we could begin a text with a generalization when definitions fail to be good starting points.

With the purpose of establishing a sound base of knowledge, skills and practice needed for your academic writing competence in English, I would like you to download, keep and review the course material carefully. 

Please, ensure that you have studied the uploaded text until Monday.

On a final note, let me remind you that our next session is scheduled to start at 09.00 a.m. on October 10 by mutual consent.

I hope to see you all.

Best regards,

Y. Aksoyalp.



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