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Week 3

on October 4, 2016

Dear Attendees of AVU 113 Academic Writing,

The following lecture is going to delve into one of the “overarching patterns” in academic writing, that is, general-to-specific (GS) movement. Chapter 2 (w3-ch2) of our course book aims to underline the usefulness of GS texts. It also attempts to reveal how definitions and generalisations can be employed to begin a GS text. In addition to these aspects, we are going to concentrate on the linguistic and structural features of definitional sentences and revise article use and restrictive relative clause reductions in this type of expository prose.

I hope that the activities to be carried out and, most importantly, your participation will lay the foundation for the remaining part of this chapter.

I hope to see you all on Friday (October 7) at 09.30 a.m.

Y. Aksoyalp.



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